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About Us

Aarti Industries, is a venture exercising state-of-the-art techniques & tools to bring out a product series carrying LV Reel Insulator, Disc Insulator, Shackle Insulator, Electric Post Insulator, Electrical Porcelain Insulators and a huge other important items. Our remarkable enterprise as a manufacturer is gaining heavy recognition in inevitable competition mainly because of utilizing higher quality based raw materials in manufacturing of products. Our huge line of offerings are designed applying sophisticated machines, tools and instruments in order to meet current taste of audience in this section. The products our Khurja, (Uttar Pradesh, India), situated enterprise is bringing ahead for delighting increased number of customers are admired heavily for their extraordinary performance. 

Our dexterous as well as smart workforce with the aid of profound market research tries extreme best in acquiring enormous understanding regarding prevailing needs of targeted clients. We make sure our latest technology inspired Post Insulated and Low Voltage Insulator quality assured solutions aligns with buyers emerging choice. We engage ourselves in plenty storage of manufactured offerings in order to address unanticipated/large demands in the absence of delay. 

Popularity Inducing Factors

See following factors that give fantastic increase to our popularity in nearby and distant markets both big & small:

  • Easy Payment Procedure
  • Heavy Understanding of Indian and International Markets
  • Availability of Large Stock
  • Focus On Remarkable Business Moves
  • Exceptional Business Performance
  • Knowledge of Existing Customers Choices

Logistics & Packaging Team

The logistics unit has adept workers who administers delivery network with massive excellence. They keep prime focus on understanding precise delivery based needs of buyers and ensures of managing final orders in the best way. We have reach to requisite number of commercial vehicles of almost all possible sizes to ease delivery process of small/medium/large orders. We put our best efforts in acquiring clients long-term constant support by supporting their customized delivery needs. 

The team administering final order packaging ensures following correct packaging techniques. They put in practice A-grade packaging material that confirms of safest delivery of products. Our modern company provides Electric Post Insulator, Disc Insulator and others at a time, well promised. 

Our Values

Our values bring our concern in the positive spotlight that amasses us grand acceptance in this area of operation. Following strong values are no lesser than our strength:

  • Commitment To Perfection
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Quality Focus
  • Respect
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Disc Insulator
What is a Disc Insulator? Definition: An insulator that is made up of high-grade wet processes like brown-green glazed is known as disc insulator. These insulators are used in transmission & distribution systems. The designs of these insulators mainly change based on customer requirements. The properties of every electrical insulator include the following. High resistivity Mechanical strength should be good for the conductor load. Dielectric strength is good For insulation material, its relative permittivity is high. It uses materials like non-porous or waterproof. The designing of these insulators can be done using different materials based on the application such as rubber, plastic, wood, mica, glass, etc. The exact insulating materials used in an electrical system are glass, porcelain, steatite, ceramic, polymer, PVC, etc. But, in electrical power systems, the insulators with porcelain material are the best and used in transmission & distribution system. Glass type materials are used in strain/ suspension type insulators.